Mold Assessment

Mold is not a welcome houseguest.
Known to cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions, mold is something that needs to be eradicated as soon as it’s discovered. However, in order to do that, a professional mold inspection must be completed first. Thankfully, you can trust the local mold specialists at Murphy Mold Assessment, LLC, located right here in the Capital Region.

A licensed mold assessor, we perform comprehensive mold testing and inspection for homes and commercial properties alike. We will conduct a thorough mold assessment of your property, evaluate the scope of mold present, and create a plan of action for remediation. 

Dedicated to friendly customer service, quick turnarounds, and reliable work, we’re the mold testing company you want on your side in Albany, Saratoga, Troy, and beyond. To get a quote on your home mold inspection, call now!

Samples from your home will be rigorously tested in a laboratory.

Visual Mold Inspection and Testing
When you join forces with Murphy Mold Assessment, LLC, as your mold inspection company, you’ll be impressed by our attention to detail and commitment to getting the job done right.

During the mold testing and inspection, we will search for telltale signs of mold, including visible mold growth and musty, mildew-y odors. Furthermore, we will be on the lookout for structural concerns that could lead to mold problems, such as:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Roof leaks
  • Downspouts that aren’t effectively draining away from the house
  • Damp foundations and/or basement floors
  • Excessive condensation on surfaces
  • Negative land grading that draws water towards the foundation

After the visual mold inspection, we will use tapes and swabs to gather physical samples that will then be tested by a state-certified lab. We may also take air samples to check for mold spores. Your results will be delivered within 5 to 10 business days. 

New York State Mold Assessment
If our mold inspection proves that you do, in fact, have a mold problem on your Capital Region property, then we will provide you with a detailed mold assessment report so you can take the necessary next steps for remediation. 

According to laws set by the New York State Department of Labor, mold remediation contractors are not allowed to perform any work without a detailed remediation plan documented by a third-party, licensed mold assessor. Therefore, our mold assessment will become your remediation contractor’s plan of action for what is to occur during the remediation process.

The plan will be based on what we uncovered during your commercial or house mold inspection. It will include the following details:

An example of what mold in a home can look like.
  • Specific rooms or areas to be cleaned and treated
  • Amount of affected materials to be cleaned or removed
  • Recommended remediation method for each area
  • List of equipment and chemicals to be used
  • Estimated timeline
  • Estimated total cost
  • Underlying causes of moisture and suggestions on how property owner can fix them

Importantly, after your remediation contractor has completed their work, we’ll return for a post-remediation mold inspection to ensure the contractor successfully followed our plan. 

In other words, with Murphy Mold Assessment, LLC, holding the reins, your mold problem will be solved for good in no time. So, whether you’re in Albany, Troy, Saratoga, or surrounding areas, book your mold test appointment with us today!

Please note: Murphy Mold Assessment, LLC, is a subsidiary of Tech-Smart Home Inspections, LLC, and operates under NY State license #01646.